Brownies And That Feeling You Get

There is something brilliant about being a Brown Owl, that I can't quite explain, because I'm not sure what it is.

It isn't the fact that I'm adored by 30 small children, although to be fair that is a huge draw.

It isn't that I get to do fun things, again huge draw.

It isn't even that I'm allowed to do things, like light a fire. I mean come on, FIRE!

Camp Fire at the Brownies Bush Craft Night

It isn't that I get to spend time with Top Ender and a few women, two of whom have become very close friends.

I think, that it's that I'm proud.

I'm proud when I with these girls and they achieve something that they thought they couldn't. I'm proud when they are given compliments for their excellent behaviour. I'm proud when they trust me with very important information such as which boy is cute or which teacher is funny. I'm proud because I can see how these wonderful young girls are growing up into amazing young women and I know that the world is going to be in safe hands.