Paladone Sent Me Harry Potter Goodies! #Review

This blog post is about some great Harry Potter stuff, that I was gifted.

Many years ago, my Mum accidentally introduced me to Harry Potter. My Mum, a childminder, asked me to wrap a gift for one of the children whose birthday it was. Instead of wrapping it straight away, I accidentally read the book and got it wrapped in time for the family to take home.

I was hooked and purchased all the books and films as they were released. I read the books to both the children whilst they were in the womb, small babies, small children and have even managed to force encourage them to read the books themselves, once they were old enough to read and of course,  they both watch the films with me on repeat, because who doesn't love a bit of a Harry Potter Marathon, when the weather is a bit gloomy?!

Which is why when Paladone asked if I would like some Harry Potter bits and pieces I was all over it and quickly picked some items with the £30 that Paladone had gifted me.

Paladone Harry Potter themed gifts

As you can see, I purchased a picnic blanket, because I love a picnic and always keep at least one picnic blanket in my car, as you never know when you're going to have an impromptu picnic. Two notebooks, which I had a plan for, and a travel mug, which I figured would be a good choice as I'd be able to use it at my new job.

I placed my order at about 6am on a Monday morning, as I'd finished doing my Miracle Morning routine and was ready for the day. The delivery, came Wednesday which was well within the 3-5 business days they said it would take and honestly if everything came that quickly, I'd be well happy!

The picnic blanket has a plastic backing (see the top right of the picture) and is seriously brilliant.

Harry Potter Picnic Blanket

The plastic back means it is perfect for sitting on when the ground is a little damp, as it was when we went to the Fireworks last weekend and meant that I didn't get a soggy bottom. Even though the rest of me was a bit damp.

Pippa in a Ravenclaw Robe Raincoat

Yes, I am wearing a Ravenclaw robe raincoat, they didn't have Hufflepuff ones, so I had to make do!

I said I had a plan for the notebooks. I wanted to share the goodies and one of Dan Jon's friends is such a Harry Potter fan that it's almost the only thing she discusses with me and I knew that the notebooks were going to be a big hit with her as she had accidentally ruined a notebook a couple of days before, by accidentally getting caught in the rain.

I was right, she was thrilled with them and loved the magical shine to the books. Every time she walks past where I work (at her school) she mouths a "Thank you for the notebooks!" and honestly the little part of me that wanted to keep them is feeling very guilty for seeing how grateful she is.

The Travel Mug is brilliant and keeps warm for ages. I made a cup-a-soup in it and it was so hot, it took an hour for it to cool down to a temperature that I could drink it at! Since then it has become a permanent feature on my desk, either with my Fruit Tea, Hot Chocolate or just hot water for me to sip on and feel smug about being a grown woman with a Hogwarts travel mug who is keeping up her water intake.

Hogwarts Travel Mug and my Pumpkin Mug too!

Paladone have a huge amount of products available on their website and as I've said, delivery is really fast, so well worth paying for (I must admit I got my delivery for free) and is super handy if like me you keep forgetting that you need to buy a gift for a birthday until the week of the birthday!

I was gifted £30 in credit on the Paladone website in order to buy some items to review.