Thank You For Existing!

Twenty years ago today, Milton Keynes Theatre opened and I am so thankful that it exists. Not because of the press tickets I get, but because of what I've come to realise about myself and about you. Okay, I also love the press tickets.

Cup Cake celebrating Milton Keynes Theatre turning 20

When it was first being built, we talked about it in my Theatre Studies group, about how we could get jobs there if we were lucky, how we could work backstage, or in the sound booth or maybe we could work on the lighting, or even work front of house.

Dreams. They are the fuel of our lives.

I don't think any of us knew how our lives were really going to turn out and for some (well one that I've kept in touch with), working in a theatre did happen. The rest of us? Well, I'm pretty sure that we aren't living the dream we had when we were 16-18 years old.

As Top Ender ate her Cup Cake (it was too big to be a Fairy Cake) I thought about the dreams people may have had for Milton Keynes Theatre, before it was built. Has everything come to fruition? Probably not, but then the Theatre has probably done things that they didn't dream of, couldn't dream of and would be so proud about what it has achieved.

Just like me, and you.

I'm sure when we were at school dreaming of becoming a teacher, a movie star, a nurse, a fireman there were plenty of things we didn't dream about. Owning our own home, having happy children, having a fabulous best friend, being able to cook the perfect cheese toastie or being able to touch the lives of others without leaving the comfort of our sofa thanks to a device most of us keep in our pocket.

And yet here we are.

Living our best lives, celebrating being here, enjoying cupcakes and nights out.

So today, as I raise a glass of water or a mug of Hot Chocolate to Milton Keynes theatre turning 20, I also raise a glass to you and to me.

Thank you for existing.