Autumn Games (With an educational twist!)

One of the fantastic things about family is that sometimes they send you fantastic links to websites that you haven't visited before. This is what happened the other week when Lesley (My SMIL) sent me a link to the Nature Detectives website. It is one of those sites that you don't realise is being educational as it is just so much fun!

There is a whole section on Autumn Activities that we will be using here over the next few weekends and the whole website is full of fantastic ideas for the whole year! The Leaf Cards, (the link that Lesley had sent to me) will be a fantastic addition to our games at home! The idea is that you can use leaves that will be found all around, especially at the moment with a lot of leaves falling from the trees, and then you can match them to your card and learn about the different trees in your area.

This is perfect for us, because whilst I can normally tell you what each different tree is I really don't know that much more about them! I would love for Top Ender and Baby Boy to have more of an understanding to what different trees are, more than Daddy anyway, who can't even tell his Ash from his Elder (see what I did there?)...