The blog post I never wanted to write

I hoped never to write this blog post. Seriously, when a PR asked me ages ago if they could send me some products, I said at the time "By all means send it, but I don't think I will ever be able to write a blog post on it" and then on Friday night when I was sitting on the Sofa with Top Ender, I realised that not only was I going to use the products that the PR had sent me, but that I was going to write this here blog post. Daddy has said that if anyone from Bang & Olufsen wants to send me products that I might never write a blog post about that is fine too. He is perfectly happy for people to do that, and he won't complain that I am cluttering up the house!

So Top Ender was sitting cuddled into me, when I saw something in her hair. Not the Glitter from when we went to the Halloween event, but something moving.

Yup you've guessed it Top Ender had nits.

I guess I am lucky that she has managed to go nearly seven years without having had a brush with them, hoping to never be one of the 3000 people in the UK who find out that they have nits every year was probably asking a bit much. Especially when we have escaped all the previous infections at school, and had heard real horror stories from the Playground Mums!

Remembering that two different PR's had sent me products though I was able to act straight away.

First of all I set about checking Top Ender's hair, just in case I was wrong. Just in case the moving thing I had seen was a trick of the light. It wasn't a trick of the light, but I only found two nits, so was quite pleased, and I put Full Marks Solution on her. Whilst I had been doing this Daddy was checking Baby Boy and he was all clear, as was Daddy when I checked him and despite my massive amount of hair so was I. We figured that we must of caught the nit infection really early, before they had had a chance to cause a whole family infection or even Top Ender any grief!

The Full Marks solution I thought was good, it was easy to use, didn't smell all that bad and despite Top Ender's normal protests about using the shower head her hair it wasn't too much of an issue to wash out. We have to use it again a week later, but there is enough for six applications in the bottle and so I could of treated the whole family with it. The solution that we used costs around £10 from most shops, although there is a special half size pack which costs around £4 and only has two applications in.

I knew that I need to take care that Baby Boy, Daddy and I didn't get nits and luckily another kind PR had sent some Vosene products which has a formula that helps prevent head lice! Daddy, Baby Boy and I all washed our hair that night with the shampoo and then added the leave in conditioner. I quite liked the smell, as it wasn't really strong, but I could smell Lemongrass which happens to be one of the ingredients! The other ingredients are Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Camomile and Panthenol which all either help stop nits being comfortable in your hair or calms itches. 

I was pleased to see that not only do Vosene Kids do a 3in1 Conditioning Shampoo (in two sizes), but that they also do a spray detangler (which I love to use on Top Enders hair as it is very fine) but also a styling Gel!

The products cost between £2 and £3 depending on where you shop and which ones you buy, but I do think that it is good value as it smells nice and has the added benefit of helping to prevent head lice!

The Vosene site even has a nitwatch, where you can see what kind of level of nit infestation your local area has reached, quite useful as you can see if you really should be trying natural preventives such as the one Vosene have created.

Now almost a week after the first sighting it appears that Top Ender has had a very small infestation, two bugs, a few eggs and that was it. We have caught it early and that is pleasing to me; Not as pleasing as if Top Ender hadn't got nits in the first place, but pleasing none the less. Daddy and Baby Boy appear to be perfectly clear, but I have an issue, its an issue you might have having read this blog post. Every time I think about nits, check Top Ender's hair, walk past the Vosene products or just sit still for a few minutes my hair starts itching.

Really itching... like maybe I really do have nits itching.

I'm just going to go and check again, but whilst I am gone if you are itchy and think that you would like to sample a 100ml bottle of the conditioning shampoo, then let me know what you think you would like most about it or tell me a horror story from your children in the comments and the first 20 will have a sample sent to them! Just remember to leave a comment using your email so I can contact you!