Christmas Stockings and Stocking Fillers!

As I have mentioned several times before, Christmas is a big deal in our house. We have lots of traditions which Daddy and I have brought from our own childhoods and one of the biggest and most similar to each other are what we found in our Christmas Stockings on Christmas Morning. When I was young our stockings, were always from Father Christmas and held many treasures ranging from Chocolate coins and Oranges to Fortune Fish and Small Electronic Toys. Daddy remembers there always being a Colouring Book and new Colours, some form or fruit and at least one toy car.

Stockings for Top Ender and Baby Boy are normally quite large, and would probably be more of a pillowcase than a stocking, but this stems from the belief in our house that any gifts found upstairs or under the trees in our rooms (yes we have trees in our bedrooms) are from Father Christmas and any gifts downstairs are from our friends and family. It is because of this very generous Father Christmas that I take control of what goes into a Stocking early in the year. I start looking for things to go into Stockings in the January sales and I don't stop all year.

So this year I thought I would share the putting together of my stockings for the Five stockings that I will help Santa to fill.

Yes I said five. No I don't have three more children that you don't know about.

I buy for two children and three grown ups.

Yes, I buy things to go in to my own stocking, because I like to make sure that nobody gets something of greater (or lesser) value and also I like things to match with Daddy's stocking. The other grown up that I buy a stocking for is Granny (my Mum) as she has nobody to make her one otherwise!

First things first for me is to make sure that I have a good stocking or pillow case to put things into. This year I have saved enough to get new stockings for us all. I am going to get some of the stockings that I saw at the John Lewis Christmas Preview and at £15 I think these medium sized stockings are a bargain;

So now I have the stockings in place and it is a over to you, tell me what you think I should include in any of the stockings and I will show you the things that I am putting in!