Go Outdoors or go shopping instead.

Sometimes my idea of having fun is a little out there. I have in the past let Top Ender clean my kitchen floor, by wearing her swimming costume and then sliding up and down the tiled floor on a wet and soapy bath sheet. Drying it is as just as fun as she then slides up and down on a dry bath sheet... like I said a little out there.

Something else that we do to have a bit of a laugh  is to go shopping. It started when Daddy and I got married. We would often travel down to Watford to go to Costco and spend an evening walking up and down every aisle. It was fun and silly and how we found the supersized bottle of washing up liquid, that I swear took us two years to use!

The other week before we went to Russell Park we went to a new superstore that had opened in Bedford called Go Outdoors. We needed to buy a pair of walking shoes for Daddy as his walking 15 miles a week was causing  havoc with his shoes and he really needed a sturdier pair. I wasn't really sure what to expect, as I knew that it didn't just sell shoes and clothes, but that it also sold tents and camping equipment and so we walked in to find a gate across the entrance. Not just any gate though, a wooden field gate!

Wooden Farm Gate

This set the tone for our visit and we spent the next hour walking round up and down every aisle pointing at things going Wow! or I want one of these! or You have to see this!

Baby Boy in Blue ChairTop Ender in a Red Chair

Top Ender in a TentBaby Boy in a Tent

We did buy some shoes for Daddy, some hats for Top Ender and Baby Boy and even a tin of Barley sweets!

Barley Sugar Sweets in a Tin

What was important for us was the time that we spent together having a giggle and finding new things to marvel over. We got some exercise, didn't get cold (it was cold outside) and it is something that we will do again... although next time we might go to another store to have a walk around, I'm thinking the new Dunelm Mill that has opened up in Milton Keynes!

It might be that this week you plan for you and your family go for a walk, but the weather doesn't play nice so instead of going for a walk outdoors, why not go shopping instead?