Top Ender Giggles - A different type of Lice

Top Ender was a little worried when she found out that she had nits. To explain to her that things weren't as bad as she thought they were (as in lots of people get them) I told her all about Head Lice and about how they are just little creatures doing what they were born to do.

Spiders in the hair...
It wasn't until the next week when I was checking through her hair to see if we were lucky and had escaped a huge infestation that Top Ender started to show she was worried about them again.

"Mummy? Do I have wood lice in my hair still?" she asked after a couple of minutes
"Top Ender it isn't wood lice! It's head lice!" I giggled back at her

Could you imagine a head full of wood lice? I have got all itchy again, might go see if I can use that shampoo still!