Top Ender Giggles - A Grand Total of One!

When we opened the latest TRU Toyologist box, Top Ender found a Littlest Pet Shop Pet Vehicle. This toy in particular took her eye, and she asked if she could open this first.

Being the kind mother that I am I agreed that she could.

Top Ender was busy playing away with it and as usual singing and talking to herself. I wasn't really paying a lot of attention as I was busy trying to extract the toy from the packaging that had been Baby Boy's choice to test, but something made me prick up my ears.

"What did you say Top Ender?" I asked
"As big as this one" she answered.
"What?" I said even more confused now
"On the box, it says How big is your Littlest Pet Shop now" she explained
"Right..." I encouraged
"Well including this and this one pet that I got with it I have one Littlest Pet Shop Toy and so my Littlest Pet Shop collection is as big as this one!" she completed

And I thought I was the crazy one, I mean come on Top Ender was talking to a Box!