Halloween Cupcakes!

As you know we love baking in our house, and as we also love Halloween so when Silver Spoon asked if we would like some cake decorations we jumped at the chance and got sent quite a selection of goodies to bake some cakes with. The plan was that I was going to make cakes every few days using one colour so that you could get some ideas of some Halloween cakes to make too. In reality only Baby Boy and I were eating the cakes and I was sick of cake.

We love Silver Spoon icing  products, I find that the Designer Icing tubes are very useful because of the nozzles that they come with. I do have a proper icing bag and nozzles, but it just seems that every time I get it out I can't find one bit or another. Pah.

So the first colour (and only for this blog post at least) that I made some cakes with was Green. I coloured my cake batter green and knocked up some green icing for the top of some of the cakes. I apologise now for the first idea that Top Ender and I came up with...

A bloody snot cake
Frankenstein cake
Poison Mushroom
Dead mouldy head
A Red Head...
A Witch! 
Just a Green Cake
A Witch head with hat
In the past I have made a lot of cakes and I thought that I might be able to fob you off with some pictures of these too...

Silver Spoon products are available from all the major supermarkets, and for decorating tips and information on the full Cakecraft range, visit www.silverspooncakecraft.co.uk or if you want some Halloween ideas go to www.bakingmad.com for baking recipes and advice!