Daddy Guest Post: I say, someone's pinched all the mustard and cress out of the sandwiches and oooh! ...

Hello, Daddy here for another guest post - I promise to keep the words to a minimum, other than to say the Fun To Grow "Head Start" Cress kit that Top Ender and I have grown was only 62p from Tesco. Not bad for a self-grow salad vegetable, that teaches about seed germination and the conditions needed for plant growth.

The kit is made by Suttons Seeds

The little brown slabs are the compost, which breaks down nicely ridiculously slowly when made wet.

Twenty minutes and gallons of water later...

Nice moist compost, not too wet.

You're meant to keep the individual seeds 1cm apart when you sprinkle them. We wanted more cress than that, so we did put them a bit closer together. You do get about 4 times more cress seeds than you could possibly need.

Decorate the pot

Cover with some kitchen roll and keep on the windowsill. Remove the cover when the seeds sprout (which took about 12 hours).

Keep the compost moist, and after about 2 days this is what you see

And here we are after 7 days!

Time to give a "haircut" and enjoy the cress with your dinner!

I don't know if the compost is good for another go, but at least with the pot and all the spare seeds you can "Rinse and repeat"!

PS. The obscure title of this post is a line from a Goons show episode called "The Mustard and Cress Shortage"