A trip to Russell Park

When I used to work at the weekends, it made more sense for Daddy to take Top Ender and Baby Boy out of the house and leave me in relative peace and quiet, than it did for him to try and stop them jumping on me or to cause each other bodily harm in a bid to get my attention. They went to lots of different places, towns near and far, Farmers Markets in order to get Gluten and Wheat Free Cupcakes (that tasted fantastic), swimming, and to local and some not so local parks.

I'm not quite sure how Daddy found Russell Park in Bedford, but I do know that whenever I would look at his Twitter stream during a quiet moment I would see that the children and he were having great fun, swinging on huge swings that they could all sit on, or digging in a sand pit or eating ice creams from the ice cream truck that was near by. I will admit that I was jealous. I wanted to go too.

The first time that Daddy, Top Ender and Baby Boy took me to their secret park I was amazed. The place was huge. There was a play park that was fenced off to stop Children running away when parents weren't looking, a football pitch, a rugby pitch, a putting area, a bowls green, tennis courts, table tennis tables, a herbaceous garden and its just across the road from the river.

It was sunny this last weekend and we were heading out to Bedford to buy Daddy some walking shoes (long story) so we decided that we would go to Russell Park as we were out that way. To make the most of the last of the Summer weather, to have some family fun and because who doesn't like to go to the Park at the weekend?!

Whilst we were there Daddy played with the panorama app on his iphone and took the below images for us to play with (its great fun making them go round and round and up and down!).

We all had a good play in the park, with Baby Boy showing us his skills that have improved since we were last at the park. He showed no hesitation running up the ladders and sliding down the slides, climbing over rope bridges or chasing after Top Ender. Daddy and I were able to have a chat for longer than five minutes about things like the beautiful weather, the plans for the day and even plans for the future!

We ended the day at Russell Park with an ice cream each that we ate as we walked along the river and then back through the park to where we had parked the car. We all had fun, we all enjoyed the time together as a family and I honestly think it was the perfect end to the perfect Summer.