Top Ender Giggles - Time for bed

Top Ender had gone to bed, we had gone through the bedtime routine and she had been tucked in, kissed and told to go to sleep. Five minutes had past and Daddy (sitting on the sofa working on his laptop) and I (working on the PC) heard her on the stairs, coming downstairs to go to the toilet.

She came into the living room after she had finished and stood in front of Daddy, asking to be taken back upstairs and tucked back into bed. Daddy was trying to fix something and so said he would come upstairs in a few minutes, but this wasn't good enough for Top Ender and she started to turn on the waterworks. This always works on Daddy.

Daddy set off up the stairs behind Top Ender;

"I haven't got time to be dragged up and down the stairs by you" he complained good naturedly
"Technically your not being dragged; Your following me." she giggled

Well she had him there didn't she!