The Gallery - A Photo that I love

The last time I was asked to choose a photo that I love for Tara was before she had the gallery and I chose a photo that was my work desk photo, a photo that shows a happy and carefree me. I love that photo still, but I thought that it was about time that I updated my photo. It was quite funny timing though as just a couple of weeks ago for my Wordless Wednesday post, I posted a photo that I love.

The photo was taken in 2008 when Daddy, Top Ender, Baby Boy and I celebrated Loi Krathong and so I have to choose it again now just a couple of weeks later!

The four lights in the water are candles that we have sent with our bad luck so that we can start the New Year fresh and without any issues left hanging over us. The night was perfect, it was still and quiet and although not warm it wasn't bitter. The moon light was so clear and the way it lit up the clouds was amazing and just so beautiful. 

It was the start of our annual tradition, a nod to our friends from Thailand, a way for us to understand a culture that isn't our own.

And all of those are for me the reason why I love this photo.