Top Ender Giggles - Good job it wasn't Catchphrase!

After the giggles that we had from Top Ender answering Blockbusters to Daddy after he had been singing the Ghostbusters theme tune we started to sing the tune to the popular game show Blockbusters, and do the naff jokes that come with Blockbusters such as;

"I'll have a P please Bob!"

And of course we then had to explain what Blockbusters was to Top Ender. We did this by having a quick pretend game of Blockbusters using the dinner mats (they are alphabet and number squares). Daddy and I played and then it was Top Ender and my go. Top Ender had picked the letter "J" and Daddy asked;

"What J is a short comedic story, told to make someone laugh?"
"BEEP" Top Ender squealed a second before me
"Top Ender" said Daddy
"Jesus!" answered a very sure Top Ender

Daddy and I stopped laughing eventually. Daddy even let her have the points because it did make us laugh!