When do you turn the heating on?

I am born of hardy stock. My Mum is Scottish and as such can survive all winter on just a bowl of porridge and some wool socks. With my half Scottish blood coursing through my veins and me wanting to keep my penny pinching ways secure I try to make sure that the heating in our house stays off until November 1st.

Baby Boy looking to see how long until the heatings is turned on!
I have in the past given in before the magical November 1st and Daddy and I have gone round the house bleeding the radiators and making sure that there isn't anything down the back of them or that there isn't something leaning on them that could melt (not that we have ever had this happen in the past!) and then we just have to decide when it is that we want the heating to come on.

In the past we have programmed our heating to come on at five, which was about an hour before we got home (there was nobody in during the day) and to go off at around ten at night, so that it was still warm for us when we went to sleep! The heating has always been scheduled to come on at 5am so that its on an hour before we get up and goes off at 8am when we would leave to go to work.

I do like to change my skin care routine when the heating comes on. I start taking shorter showers and stop soaking in the bath, this was something I was told helps to stop the essential oils from being stripped from the skin. With heating drying out our skin and the harsher weather outside causing us to get chapped lips, it is important that we try and keep as many of the oils in our skin on the inside!

So when do you turn your heating on and do you change your skin care routine... or is that just me?