A Little Secret And A Picasso! - #Review (of sorts!)

We have had a little bit of a Secret here at A Mother's Ramblings, which we're about to share with you... so it won't be a secret any more.

Daddy has got a new job.

For the first time since Daddy and I have been married (bar a few days here and there, that trip to Sweden, that trip to Chilie, a few blog trips and the odd weekend to the seaside) we'll be more than 15 minutes apart. Even when we worked at opposite ends of Milton Keynes, we weren't more than ten minutes apart and so with Daddy's new job taking him about a 75 minute drive away it's going to be a little bit of a shock to the system for me at least!

To start with Daddy is going to mainly take the train to work, but he's hoping that around Christmas we're in the position to be buying him a new (to us) car and seeing as we love our Citroen Xsara Picasso so much he's looking to get a C2 or a C3... and not just because he's lazy and wants an automatic with lots of toys!

Inside of the New Citroen C4

Earlier in the Summer Holidays, we got to test drive the new C4 Citroen Picasso and we loved it. Compared to our Xsara Picasso it seemed smaller and Daddy thought the front window was small but then seeing as our window screen is humongous (that's the technical term) I'm not sure what he was hoping for! Daddy did love all the gadgets, which I have to admit were lots of fun even if I do think the Park Assist is a bit freaky! The children loved that all the hidey holes they have managed to find are still there and there are a few more new ones too and that the trays on the back of the front seats are still there.

Tray on back of seat in the New Citroen C4

I'm going to be as honest with you guys (as I always am) and as I was with the guys from Citroen, the only thing that stops me from buying a new C4 Citroen Picasso is the price. I would dearly love to be able to afford a brand new car, but unless something really magic happens, it's not going to happen for me. If however, you're looking to buy a new family car then the C4 could very well be the car for you.

We got to spend the day at the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, we got to drive around in a Citroen for a bit and there was more food than we could shake a stick at on our day with Citroen.