Candles With A Twist - #Review

It's coming up to the time of year, where I start thinking about gifts, not just gifts for Christmas but gifts for friends next year and gifts for ME, seeing as it's my wedding anniversary in September and I know that if there is something I'd really like that I need to either tell Daddy or drop a really big hint! I was asked if I'd like to review a Jewel Candle, and I said yes. I thought that it was a cute idea and I like candles too!

There are two types of Jewellery that you can get in your Jewel Candle, a ring or earrings. I asked if I could review the rings because I don't wear earrings these days and then had to make the hardest choice, I had to decide what scent I'd like! I went with Cherry, as this is one of my favourite scents and then a couple of days later my candle arrived. I was surprised firstly at the size of the candle and secondly at the strength of the scent.

Jewel Candle Pink Cherry

I thought that the candles were going to be small, sort of a couple inches tall but seeing as how the candle can burn for 130-150 hours I should have put my previous experience of working in a shop that sold candles into practice and realised that it was going to be huge!

Lit Jewel Candle Pink Cherry

The candle scent was really lovely, it wasn't overpowering but was strong enough that I could smell it whilst it was burning and when I first pulled the lid off the candle too.

It took roughly 11 hours to burn the candle down so that I could get the heat proof package out of the candle, I had decided early on that I wasn't going to dig it out with a spoon like some Jewel Candle fans have done according to posts on the Jewel Candle Facebook page. I would have to show patience!

Jewel Candle Heat Proof Package Almost Ready To Come Out

I discovered a beautiful ring in the candle, it said that it was £35 according to the value label on the ring and everyone who has seen the ring has been surprised that I got it out of a candle but have agreed that it's a nice idea and a nice way of giving a gift of Jewellery.

The one thing that I was disappointed about was that you couldn't choose the size of the ring, or the style of the earrings. When I do wear earrings I tend to wear studs instead of long earrings and whilst I do have "normal" sized fingers and the ring I got fitted me I would be worried if I was Daddy buying this for me as I couldn't guarantee that the ring I was sent would fit.

Overall I think that the idea of the Jewel Candles is brilliant, combining two great gift ideas and something which I would quite happily buy for friends, teachers, Secret Santa gifts and just about any other female I'd need to buy a gift for really!

We were sent a Pink Cherry Jewel Candle to review. It's in my living room on the fireplace making my living room smell nice especially at this exact moment because I've just taken my trainers off.