Brownies and Top Ender

Many Moons ago, Top Ender wanted to go to Brownies. I enquired and the local group said they'd get back to me and they didn't. At the time it was probably a blessing in disguise and when I was thinking over the Summer Holidays over how to help Top Ender have more interactions with children of her age I thought about her joining Brownies again. So I applied online and a few days later a letter arrived in the post for Top Ender.

She had a place in a local group if she wanted it. Which of course she did. So when Daddy starts his new job, Top Ender will start at Brownies too. I'm going to need to get organised aren't I?

I'm sure that a lot of you reading this blog have children who go to Brownies or Girl Guides or Cubs or Scouts and know the things I need to know, little tips to help me make sure that Top Ender gets the most out of going to Brownies, how to sew badges on the best way (do we have to do that at Brownies?), what the uniform sizes up like and what pieces are the best buys and probably a thousand other things that I've not yet thought of, so please do share the tips in the comments below!

Until then Top Ender has been practising her best smile to show the others in her group that she's a friendly soul.

Top Ender practising her smile for Brownies