Family Cinema Trips

There is one thing that my Children love more than Minecraft and that's going to the cinema. I'm not sure if it is the Popcorn, the sitting in the dark or just the fact that we don't get to go too often that makes it special but when we were asked by Cineworld if we'd like to go and see Monsters University on opening weekend (I know it was ages ago) I didn't have to ask the children twice.

Popcorn at Cineworld

Cineworld have some Big Family Offers to make the experience even more exciting with 20% off family tickets booked through mycineworld and various prize draws and giveaways when you book tickets to see various Summer Family Blockbusters.

I've been a long time fan of the Movies for Juniors that Cineworld offers, where tickets are just £1 and for quite a while Tops and I used to go on a Saturday morning whilst Daddy was sleeping off his night shift, but seeing that we could possibly go on a Thursday morning too is making me really want to go today!

Movies for Juniors Logo

As well as being given tickets to see Monsters University, we were given a Family Snack Special which was two large soft drinks, a large popcorn and two munch boxes which contain a Capri Sun, popcorn and some Chocolate Milky Way Magic Stars. I was surprised when looking up the price on the website that this is only £9.95

I was chatting with the manager and one of the chaps on the concession stand, about the problems we have with BB's diabetes and Daddy's food intolerances when going to the cinema. As we carb count, we need to know what the amount of carbs in the various food items are and we need to know what they contain too or else Daddy misses out. Daddy and I are pretty good at guessing now, but it's always nice to be certain and seeing that the guys on the stand were able to check ingredients and the signs now have calorific values on it's very helpful for future visits.

The other great benefit of going to the Cinema in the Summer, is that no matter how hot it is outside, the air conditioning in the Cinema means you'll be nice and cool...

We received a family ticket and a family snack special too.

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