Playing In The Rain

It always seems to be, that as soon as the Children are off on Summer Holidays the weather turns from the nice and sunny weather that we expect to the wet and miserable that means we end up staying indoors feeling as miserable as the sky is grey.

Apart from last week.

Last week Top Ender and I had sat out in the garden in the morning doing some crafting enjoying the weather, whilst Big Boy ran around burning off some excess energy. It wasn't as warm as it had been, but it was still pleasant and before long we had gone back inside to get out of the heat.

Then we heard a noise.

The noise, we heard was rain and it was absolutely pouring down. The children and I had rushed to the open back door to look, and as we did it seemed that we shared one thought between us. We needed to get out into the rain.

And so we did.

Playing In The Rain

Playing In The Rain

Tops grabbed her jacket, BB grabbed an umbrella, I grabbed my camera and they danced whilst I took pictures giggling along with them as the rain drops fell around them.

It was one of the childhood days of my children's lives that I'm going to remember forever.

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