Ideas For The Last Week Of The Summer Holidays - #Review

So what are you up to in the last week of the Summer holidays? If like us, you haven't really got any plans, here are a few ideas of things that we've got up to and that we're planning on doing again if we can muster the energy!

A Trip to the Science Museum

We went quite early in the Summer Holidays, and had a brilliant time walking round looking at the different exhibits and asking the Children to answer questions based on what we were learning from the exhibits. I've said several times before that the Science Museum is a more than one day visit so don't feel bad if you don't see everything in one trip.

If you do have some funds left this close to the end of the holidays, then consider going to one of the paid for shows at the Science Museum, which we were kindly invited to. Big Boy (aged 5) and Top Ender (aged 9) loved The Energy Show and are still talking about some of the concepts they learnt.

Science Museum - The Energy Show

Top Ender in particular is quite fond of telling us that she can smell CH4 and asking if she can light it...

Arts and Craft

It doesn't have to be crafting with things you've brought (although some of the things Yellow Moon sent us have been great fun to play with) you could just do some junk modelling or turn shoe boxes (from the new School shoes) into houses or treasure chests.

Yellow Moon Baker Ross Foam Kit

Or you could do something as simple as draw your favourite characters like Daddy and I did with a bit of coloured paper we found.

Mike and Sulley Drawings by PippaD and Daddy

Play A Board Game

We love playing board games, although I have to admit the most fun we had was playing the Guess The Song Game on Facebook with all my friends on my personal profile. It was made possible by a 99p White Board (from the 99p Stores, very kind of them as they gave us some great bits to play with over the Summer) and of course my brilliant friends who are always game for a laugh!

Firework Guess The Song Drawing

And don't forget that my Facebook profile is public, so if I do play games again in the future (I will!) then you can join in even if you don't want to add me as a friend!


We were lucky to have a set from Hobbycraft sent to us, (which was brilliant as all we had to do was add an egg and some butter and we always have eggs and butter in the house!) this kept us amused for the best part of a day with using the cookie cutters, the actual baking and decorating of the biscuits, and then of course the eating of the biscuits.

Hobbycraft Baking Set

It was a lot of fun, even if some of the biscuits did burn a little.

Get Out In The Garden

I'm really pleased with our garden at the moment, I've put some effort in and got it looking better and with the help of the children we've managed to take part in the Riverford Big Worm Dig and find a Fairy Door. 

Fairy Door in the Garden

Talking about the Big Worm Dig, I never knew there were so many different sorts of worms, I learnt something this Summer Holiday!

Watch a Film

You might have missed going to see the Summer's Big Blockbusters in the Cinema when they were first out (Planes, Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 were all fab!) but there is still plenty of time to see them now (the cinema might quieter now) or even to buy a film to watch at home, or you could enter one of my competitions to win a copy of Barbie Mariposa and The Fairy Princess or All Stars.

Barbie Mariposa And The Fairy Princess DVD CoverAll Stars DVD Cover

What are you planning on doing (or have you done) in the last week of the holidays?