I Have A Diabetic Child

I'm a mother to a Diabetic Child.

What difference does this make you might ask?

I could cite hundreds of little things that I do to make Big Boy's life "normal" but for us having Diabetes is normal. He is no different to any other five year old boy. If he falls and grazes his knee, then of course I pick him up and cuddle him and clean up the graze. If he wakes in the night crying from a nightmare, then I cuddle him and calm him down and soothe him back to sleep.

I'm his mother why would I not do motherly things for him?

I'm the mother to a diabetic child, I give him insulin daily. In fact Daddy and I administer it several times a day... And Night.

Big Boy's Insulin Injection

To you and I Insulin is something that naturally occurs in our body and we don't ever think about. We don't have to think if the food we are eating is going to be processed and the carbohydrates broken up and taken to various cells of our body that require it. We don't have to carb count (unless we want to), we don't have to make sure that every single thing we eat and drink (including medicines such as Hay Fever remedies, cough mixtures, or even simple paracetamol) can have the carb count measured or if it's a sugar free version. It just happens. Our pancreas does the work for us.

It just happens that BB's pancreas doesn't work like mine and yours. There is no rhyme or reason for it, one day his pancreas stopped working like mine and yours does.

There are hundreds of horror stories that I could tell you about what bad Diabetes management could lead to in the future. I try not to focus on those though, I want to focus on the good. I want to focus on the brilliant life my son will lead.

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