The Incredibly Sweet Things My Children Do - #Review

I was sick yesterday, technically I could still be sick today but I'm thinking positively. I had gone downstairs with Big Boy when suddenly I knew I had to get to the bathroom and QUICK! It wasn't a surprise because Top Ender had suddenly been ill on Saturday evening and all through Sunday, meaning I'd gone to Church alone Sunday afternoon.

After having been sick, Big Boy bestowed the ultimate honour upon me telling me that he'd get his own drinks today, seeing as how I was ill. If you know how much water or squash Big Boy drinks then you know that this is a big deal. The morning passed in a blur and as the children ate lunch, I went for a rest on my bed (seeing as how Top Ender had been in bed all day Sunday I thought twenty minutes would be okay) and when the Children came upstairs with a gift for me I was so touched that I felt better.

Baker Ross Daffodils and Vase Foam Kit

The children had worked together to make one of the Baker Ross Daffodils and Vase Foam Kits for me that Yellow Moon had sent through to us. It was something which we'd planned to do together as a craft later in the week, but I didn't mind that they had worked together to do something incredibly sweet for me.

The kit was sent to me by Yellow Moon and was rather easy to put together seeing as the children followed the instructions themselves.