The Fairy Door

As promised the other day, I knew that I had to get back out into my garden and start tidying it up before it got all overgrown again. I went out there and the hot weather started again (You're Welcome) and we mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, stuck our tongues out at the ivy and generally made our garden more welcoming to be in. Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram probably saw my updates and may have seen that it took us all day... but it was worth it.

The garden looked so brilliant, we decided to camp out in the garden in our two tents and read and watch butterflies and a couple of friendly Sparrows and then it was noticed.

The Fairy Door In The Pear Tree

At the bottom of our Pear tree there was a Fairy Door and none of us put it there.

Fairies had moved in, Fairies are living in our garden! Just like they do in Nanna's garden (who may have had something to do with this door arriving in our garden, but Sssh!) and so now we have to keep our garden neat and tidy or the fairies might move away and we don't want that.