Don't Take The Red Road - Big Boy Giggles

It seems like ages since I last did a giggles post, not because the children aren't being hilarious it's just that I keep forgetting what they say! Things were easier when they didn't talk all day, everyday... Anyhoo.

Home sign in Big Boy's room

We were watching The Wizard of Oz the other day, and Dorothy was advised to take the yellow brick road (as she always is) but for the first time Big Boy noticed there was a red brick road.

"I wonder where the red brick road goes to, I wonder if I could follow it." I said knowing that it wasn't in the books, and was more than likely just put into the film to make the yellow seem more vivid.

Big Boy paused for a second, looked me straight in the eye and replied;


I don't want to follow the red brick road any more, or after seeing this photograph sleep.

Crazy Eyes Big Boy

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