Asda Christmas Treats

Whilst I was languishing in bed with the horrid bug that came upon my house last week, a delivery came for me. I was rather excited, until Daddy told me it was food from Asda. The mere thought of food had me back in bed watching Christmas movies and sipping on ice water (thank you lovely fridge freezer) thanking my lucky stars that I had a caring husband who would occasionally refill my water and top up my ice and generally check I wasn't on his side of the bed and spreading my germs any more than I had to. Daddy has been well taught however and knew that all deliveries to this house must be photographed before being put away, because there will more than likely be a blog post or at the very least an instagram update and so he took some pictures and emailed them to me. Which I could just about handle...

You do have to admit it looks good right?

The problem was that with the foods needing to be eaten and the children, Daddy and I all staying on the BRAT diet until we were sure the bug had passed we didn't know what to do with all the food that had been sent. I didn't think about it because, well I felt terrible! Luckily again, Daddy has been well trained and so when I finally made it back downstairs and into the land of the living I wasn't surprised to find that Daddy had rather sensibly put everything that was able to be frozen in to one of our freezers, ready for eating when we were all feeling a little better.

So far, my Mum has sampled the Mince Pies (they are delicious) and the Wine (lovely) and I've had the Sprouts (I do love sprouts and these ones were lovely). We didn't get to eat the cabbage as unfortunately the packet had split and I don't tend to eat food with alcohol in it, most of the meat is in the freezer (well the six bird roast is defrosting ready for Christmas Day, because despite it not being gluten free, the children and I don't mind and will tuck in to it along with the ham!).

Now today is the last day of last minute prep for Christmas Day and Boxing Day and having now sampled a few of the delights that we were given by Asda, I think that I'll be joining the throng of shoppers picking up some last minute extra side dishes for our Christmas Day Meal.