The Letter To Santa That Made Me Cry

On Monday, the Children in BB's class were asked if they would write a letter to Santa. It was to help them with their writing and is something that at this time of year most children are thinking about anyway and so the teacher probably figured it would help the children focus, plus if you don't use your best handwriting, Santa isn't going to be able to read the letter is he?!

At the end of the day, BB's teacher asked if she could have a quick word. BB had not been feeling too good after lunch (when they'd been writing the draft of their letters) and had missed out on part of the lesson as he had had a low blood sugar. The teacher asked if I would mind getting BB to write the letter to Santa as his handwriting practice that night as the teacher knows we have nightly handwriting practice for both children because to put it simply they need it!

So BB wrote out more on his draft letter and then when he was happy with it wrote it up neatly. He left it for me to check before I put it into his School bag and when I did check it I started to cry.

I started to cry at first because how neat his handwriting was and then I read the letter and well, see for yourself.

BB's letter to Santa asking him to cure diabetes soon

Sorry if it made you cry too.