The Secret Santa Mistake

Every year the children want to participate in a Secret Santa. I'm sure that like most people they have the assumption that they are going to be able to find the perfect gift for the person they are drawn. Of course this only ever happens once in a life time and even then only if you are really lucky. I have witnessed it once, when a work colleague purchased a box full of malt loaf for another colleague. The recipient was over the moon, as he was always seen with a piece of toasted malt loaf in hand.

Secret Santa gifts under the tree


My Mum, the Children, Daddy and I were entered our names into the family Secret Santa. A budget of £5 was given and we drew names. It was fairly easy for me to work out who had drawn who, seeing as I knew who I had (Daddy), Big Boy asked Daddy for help (he had me) and Top Ender (My Mum) and my Mum (Top Ender) asked me for help.

Everything was going well. Big Boy got the gifts he wanted to choose (and almost told me in the process). Top Ender got the gifts she wanted to choose. I managed to pick something out. My Mum managed to work something out. All that was left was Daddy.

The night before the exchange, I gently reminded Daddy he still needed to buy a gift and I gently nudged him in the right direction of something that BB might like. Confusion covered his face and we managed to work out that someone (My Mum) had accidentally got a gift for the wrong person...

Luckily Daddy was then able to buy a gift for BB instead of Top Ender, as he had accidentally left it to the last minute to buy his gift.

My Mum feels terrible, so maybe next year we'll write the names really big, just so she can't make the mistake again!

Have you ever got the perfect gift for a Secret Santa draw or do you have a fail safe idea that suits everyone? Perhaps you know of a mistake that's happened just like the one I've detailed above? Let me know in the comments below, as I need some tips for next year and something to make my Mum feel better!