Borrowing Christmas Traditions

I've described myself in the past as a bit of a Christmas Magpie, as in if I see something I like I borrow it and use it with my family. I did it with Jen's Five Gift Idea (and if you're looking for an adorable Christmas Memories Book take at look at hers, it's fab and if I hadn't spent a fortune printing mine out a couple of years back I'd so want this one!), I did it with Elf on the Shelf, I have started putting Marshmallows on Sweet Potatoes after some Missionaries told me it was the only way (it's not the only way, but it is pretty darn great) and I did it with Sinterklaas by borrowing it from a Nursery Worker who used to look after Top Ender.

Sinterklass, comes to our house around the 5th/6th December depending on what else I'm doing and how prepared I am. When he comes, we have to make sure our shoes are clean and neat and this year despite us not leaving them out, but in the shoe box at the bottom of the stairs when we woke up on the 5th he had been leaving sweets and other small gifts for the children in/near their shoes!

Sinterklaas left gifts for Top Ender and Big Boy in their shoes!

In fact, Sinterklaas had thought Daddy and I had been extra good this year, as we got treats too!

Sinterklaas left treats in mine and Daddy's shoes too!

Everyone, apart from me, has already made a start on their treats from Sinterklaas with them all marvelling over the brilliant treats that he gave us and being terribly excited about what other things might happen between now and Christmas. If you have any great Christmas Traditions, that you think I might not have heard of then please do let me know of them in the comments!

And this is why I'm like a magpie. Anything that I see that I think is fun and would work well for my family is adopted and made one of our Christmas traditions because at this time of year, people seem to be nicer and more caring and willing to believe in good things and do good things. I guess at this time of year, everyone is more willing to see the magic in the everyday.