Ugh, I'm sick

I hate getting sick, but it seems at this time of year and with children bringing home all sorts of germs from School it's inevitable that they'll get sick and then of course me as chief nursemaid will get sick too. I thought that this last time I'd been lucky. Daddy had looked after a poorly Big Boy whilst Top Ender and I had been running around doing things we'd agreed to that weekend. However as the week went on and Big Boy continued to be sick and Top Ender came down with it too, I knew my luck was going to change.

And it did in a rather violent fashion.

So now I'm poorly and I'm not really a very good patient, especially when it's so close to Christmas and I have so much to do.

Well, actually I don't have anything to do. I'm unusually organised this year. I've wrapped all the gifts to our family, I've wrapped all the gifts Santa asked me to help with for the children's stockings. I've made my shopping list for all the food I need to buy, so even if I can't get out to get it, Daddy knows exactly what it is that we need and from what shop.

At least, I suppose there are Christmas movies on 24/7 to keep me amused and it's fun trying to guess what is being delivered downstairs, as Daddy has banned me from going downstairs as he doesn't want to catch what I have!

Still, a day of bed rest is probably a very good thing.

Christmas lights that I can see from my bed