House of Fraser Homemade Christmas

When House of Fraser asked if we liked to make gifts for family and friends at Christmas, I was pretty sure that they had been in my head. The children and I had been thinking over the last few days over what crafty creations they would make for each other and I'm still thinking over what I can make for Daddy. The idea of using a craft kit to make something for each other wasn't something I had thought of before, but it does make a lot of sense!

Big Boy decided that what he loved the look of most was the Make a Quilt Craft Set as he thought that this would be something fun he could make for Top Ender. When Daddy and Top Ender went out one morning, Big Boy and I jumped into action and started work on putting together Top Ender's quilt for Christmas.

Big Boy posing with the craft set he got from House of Fraser to take part in a Homemade Christmas

I quickly explained to Big Boy how to do it (it's a good job I knew from previous crafting fun because the instructions made no sense to me or BB) and he set off knotting the pieces of fabric together, with a little (a lot!) help from me.

Big Boy knotting together the blanket gift he is making for Top Ender this Christmas

Big Boy managed to get one strip of six fleece pieces done before Top Ender and Daddy returned and safely stored away in his bedroom away from curious looks from Top Ender.

Big Boy with one strip of his blanket he is making for Top Ender for Christmas

He was so thrilled with the first strip, but did find it hard work and is currently considering if we should actually just make it a scarf instead of a blanket! I think, I'll manage to convince him to finish it off whilst Top Ender is at Brownies this week and I'm sure that Top Ender will love to display the finished gift on her bed.

We were given the craft set by House of Fraser, to take part in their Homemade Christmas.