Little Dish For Bigger Kids #Review

Top Ender and Big Boy love the occasional ready meal treat. For them, it's a chance to go to the Supermarket and pick something that they really fancy and then of course let me cook it before they get to eat it. The problem that they normally have is that their favourite ready meals are the Little Dish ones, which are a little too small for them, so as well as cooking the ready meal, I need to cook a couple of side dishes too. No, problem there really but if they are in a hurry (as they often are!) then the extra time it takes me to boil some potatoes or steam some vegetables they get driven to madness... not that anyone would notice the difference.

Little Dish must have read my mind however, as they have magically come up with a new range Little Dish For Bigger Kids. How fantastic right? These meals are the right size for Top Ender and Big Boy, and more importantly for me I trust the Little Dish meals to be good quality. Little Dish asked if we'd like to try their meals and sent across, one of each from their range. Chunky Chicken Pot Roast, Mild Beef Chilli and Rice, Mediterranean Cod and Tomato Casserole and Seven Veg Lasagne.

A parcel from the Little Dish Team

Top Ender and Big Boy decided between them which they would like, Top Ender picked the chunky chicken pot roast and Big Boy picked the seven veg lasagne. And just in case you were wondering, it was Halloween hence the make up!

Big Boy posing with his Seven Veg Little Dish Lasagne

Top Ender's Chunky Chicken Casserole

Later that night, Daddy and I were totally starved and so we snuck the other two dishes for our own evening meal. Daddy went for the Chilli and I had the cod and tomato casserole.

Daddy's Mild Beef Chilli and Rice

Mediterranean Cod and Tomato Casserole

So what did we think? Well, unsurprisingly the children loved the dishes and Daddy loved the fact that apart from the lasagne that BB had, all of them were gluten free. He did complain that the chilli was too mild, but I reminded him these are designed for the mouths of children (up to age six, but Top Ender at 10 loved them too) and so the mildness is a good thing.

We loved that there were chunkier "lumps" in the dishes, and that they were the same great flavours we've come to expect from a Little Dish meal but we also loved that the portions were a little bigger (still small enough for the children to enjoy the whole meal) and these are no doubt going to be our new ready meal of choice!

We were sent the meals to review.