BB Has High Cholesterol So I'm Guessing I Do Too

Every three months, Big Boy goes to the hospital for a check up with his Diabetic Team. Every three months, they test his blood, take his weight, check his height, check his blood pressure and do a load of other checks that are generally needed to ensure that Big Boy is kept in tiptop health. Every year, roughly around the time of BB's Birthday, they run another set of tests where they test BB's blood for other things. I'm not really sure what they all are, but it's things which over the years professionals have discovered Diabetics are more prone to developing.

BB dressed up as a weird Santa/Elf hybrid

This year, we were called back for a retest. There was a blip in the test results, BB appeared to have a high cholesterol reading, but it could have been a blip. So, we went back for a retest and we waited for the results. And they came back and BB had a high cholesterol reading again. If TV has taught me anything, high cholesterol means that little white dots aka cholesterol are blocking up BB's arteries and increasing his risk of stroke and a heart attack, which at the age of six is quite worrying and something I NEVER thought I'd be worried about for my son.

We went to see the Dietician about it this week and I took with me a detailed list of what we eat on a daily basis. I included everything, the snacks, the drinks, the treats, the things we use to get Big Boy out of having a low blood sugar.

The dietician was part of the same team we see every six months or so to check we're still feeding Big Boy the right foods and to chat about any questions we have and as we only saw her a few weeks ago, she remembered us. She remembered that I keep detailed notes of all our meals. She remembered that I'd been chatting to her about my diet and even commented she thought I'd lost weight (I had, which was nice of her to notice).

Together we sat in her office and went through my list of foods. She agreed that as per the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that and so on, that the diet that the children and I eat is a very balanced and healthy diet and everything that she was about to tell me about how to eat healthily we were already doing.

Quorn Chicken, Vegetables and Yorkshire Pudding

There are a few changes we can make, small things, like eating meatless a little more often, changing the butter we use, eating more carbs and vegetables compared to dairy, protein and sweets and of course we'll make the changes because the most important thing in all of this is Big Boy's health. Even if we were pretty much inline with the guidance giving already!

So, now we'll be monitoring BB's blood sugars and we'll be checking up on his cholesterol levels too. I'm so thankful to our medical team for all the support that they give us and the help in sorting out what we need to do.

I'd love to hear any stories of reversal of High Cholesterol by diet too, if you have any!