Creating A Poundland Wonderland

I love decorating the house for Christmas, you already know that if you've read this blog before or seen me on Twitter or Facebook or just passed my house! I have always thought that this time of year is magical and so decorating for me just means I get to make a little more magic inside the house. As in years past the only room in our house that hasn't really seen any decoration is mine and Daddy's bedroom as it just has this little bauble Christmas Tree thingy.

The units at the end of my bed

So Poundland asked if I'd like to create a poundland wonderland in one of the rooms of my home and the children and I decided that the only room that wasn't decorated was my bedroom and so therefore the one room that needed to be decorated was of course my bedroom!

Top Ender and I headed off to one of our local Poundland Stores and spent ages deliberating over what we should buy to makeover my bedroom. Eventually we had a basket full of goodies and we spent a few minutes waiting to pay where we had a rather lovely chap serve us who chatted happily with us.

A Poundland employee who gave us permission to take his picture and put it on the internet

He looks grumpy, but he wasn't!

Top Ender informs me that what I should do is post some pictures of before so that you can see how great a transformation the after is, she had high hopes.

The wardrobes and "my" side of the bedroom

This is pretty much how my bedroom looks most of the time. That cardigan by the way is a gift for Big Boy this Christmas or possibly just because as I love him when he wears his cardigans and bow ties!

With a mix of items I had leftover from decorating the rest of the house and from other gifts I've made for friends and family this Christmas I present to you my bedroom!

The back of my bedroom decorated for Christmas

I decided to wrap up all the photos in the bedroom, with wrapping paper I found in Poundland. The paper was quite jolly and it really appealed to Top Ender and I.

 Christmas wrapping paper wrapped photo frames

The green garlands on the curtain polls and the bows, were left over from some Christmas gifts I made. The lights were the same ones Belle and Jingle were tied up in the other week.

Garland and Lights on the curtain rails

And I know those stars don't look straight, but they are above mine and Daddy's pillows so we can look up and see stars!

You might be wondering what that is above the bed, but below the shelf... well it's Mistletoe! 

Mistletoe hanging above the bed

I put it above Daddy's side of the bed so I can kiss him whenever I want.

I decided to line the outside of our built in wardrobes with little LED lights that I got from Poundland for Halloween (they have them for Christmas too!) and then above the middle door I hung a Merry Christmas box garland.

I hung my favourite wreaths from the doors (using bauble hooks) and some decorations that weren't put up on any trees this year from the door handles.

Christmas made over wardrobe doors

On top of the PC in the corner (next to the TV!) I put this lovely little Jewelled Wire Tree, which Top Ender has fallen in love with and I think might vanish before Christmas Eve to her bedroom.

A little Christmas tree ornament sprucing up a corner

The units at the end of the bed, were decorated with the Kitchen Tree (which was in the den, looking for a new home as the Kittens kept knocking it over in the Kitchen) and surrounded it with my some of my favourite things, light up gifts. Oh and you can also see a giant advent calendar on the door which I've used this year to keep secret things for the children in (remember I said about some secret things we were doing this advent, they are stored in here)

Christmas decorated units at the end of my bed. Complete with Christmas tree

Top Ender and I picked out one of each colour of the gift boxes and they look quite festive under the tree, don't look at the secret gift hidden behind the tree though, I think that Jingle and Belle have hidden a surprise gift there for one day this week!

Light up gifts under the Christmas tree (and a tealight candle holder Christmas pudding shaped!)

Tops and I knew we had to have the two tealight holders, one is a Christmas pudding (as seen above) and the other a Christmas tree (see below) as they were so cute, but also because at Halloween I also purchased some flickering electric tea light candles and I think it sets them off nicely.

Christmas Tree tealight holder

There are also some light up Window clings, in our bedroom windows, which are cute, but we've had to take Daddy's back as it didn't work and they didn't have any to replace it with either :(

Light up window clings decorating the bedroom windows

I had a budget of £25 and I spent the following.

Wrapping Paper £1
Tea light holders x 2 £2
Light Up Box Gifts x 4 £4
Wreaths x 3 £3
Hanging Stars (2 in a pack) £1
Christmas Tree Ornament £1
Box Garland £1
Light Up Window Clings x2 £2
Fairy on top of the Christmas Tree £1

Those of you who like to add up are probably noticing that I've not spent my full £25, and that I have £9 left. Well Top Ender and I were a bit stuck at this point too.

What could we get? What could enhance my Poundland Wonderland even more? We decided that Baubles and Beads were the answer.

Baubles large £1
Baubles Small £1
Bead Garlands x4 £4

I had originally planned to drape the bead garlands from the ceiling and have the baubles hanging from ribbon, just like my Mum used to do to the living room when I was a teenager, but I can't reach the ceiling unless I'm standing on my bed and that makes it hard to reach the corners of the room. I had then intended to get my husband to help me, but with me being sick and just wanting to stay in bed I've had to give up on that idea just now, but I will get some photos on my Instagram feed soon!

After all this we still had £3 left so we decided to get a bit crafty and make some snowmen to decorate my room with! Tops and BB had great fun making these with me and I still think they are adorable.

Polystyrene ball snowmen

Polystyrene balls £1
Pipe Cleaners £1
Gem Stickers £1

So there you go, my bedroom is now a Poundland Wonderland. What do you think and what is your favourite bit?

I was given £25 to pay for the things I got in Poundland. As you can see, I buy things from there all the time, which is why I  have so many battery operated lights.