The Christmas Frame Completed!

When I posted about the frame I wanted to hang above the Fireplace, I wanted an idea from someone of something that I could do that would look great, something that would fit in with our other decorations, something that was pulled from my head without me realising it. All the ideas, that everyone gave were fantastic, and I put them all to the family and they were all very excited about them all, but there was one idea that caught my imagination more than the others and that one was from Sally at Who's The Mummy, and if ever there was someone that could pull something from my brain without me realising it, it's her.

So I present to you the Christmas frame all completed.

Christmas Decorated Fireplace

We went with Sally's idea of each family member holding up a letter to spell the word "Merry". When I read that, I knew that I wanted something to go underneath, that would finish the sentiment so I picked a font that I liked, found my printable acetate and printed out the word Christmas.

Acetate Christmas sign

It wasn't quite right though, so with the help of some glitter glue, I created a sparkly Christmas.

Glittered Acetate Christmas sign

After letting it dry, and getting the rest of the family to take a photograph holding a letter, I was almost ready to put it together. 

Daddy with the letter MPippaD with the letter E

Top Ender with the letter RBig Boy with the letter R

It was just in a family of four, we needed someone else to hold the fifth letter. Luckily I found a photo of the Elves holding a Y on my phone when I came to print out the photographs!

Jingle and Belle with the letter Y

Thank goodness for them listening into conversations huh?

So with that I put it all together, and I'm now a very happy Christmas bunny.

Merry Christmas

Although I'm not too happy with that acetate... I wonder if my husband would mind if I stencilled on the wall?