Time To Trim The Tree

I love decorating the house for Christmas, for me it's the start of the season and means that I can officially start listening to Christmas music 24/7 and watching Christmas Movies on loop, and not just covertly! We have the same roles every year, Daddy goes up into the loft and passes to me the boxes and bags of decorations and extras that we've collected over the years. The children take turns to carry the lighter boxes down stairs to the living room (although this year Top Ender did the lion's share) and then together we collectively groan, and wonder just how on earth we've managed to get twenty more boxes since last Christmas.

Top Ender and Big Boy bringing down some Christmas Decorations

With the Christmas music playlist already on, we start putting together our tree. Daddy puts the base together and asks the children and I for different colour coded branches, which we've stretched out the "sticky out bits" of to make look more like a real tree and slowly the tree takes shape. Then once Daddy has put the tree together he gets to put on the lights, and the children generally disappear to their rooms to put up their own mini christmas trees.

Whilst everyone is busy doing a tree, I get to have fun with the other things we put up over the Christmas period. Our Nativity sets, the oh so annoying battery operated musical toys, the advent calendar, the candles, the door stops, the cushion covers, the Kitchen tree, the bathroom trees, the stair tree... you get the picture!

The Kitchen Star Light

I think I described my house to a friend recently as a poorly decorated, cut budget Santa's Grotto! Eventually, once the lights are on the tree and Daddy has decorated the ceiling with various foil decorations, we gather together to decorate the tree. Daddy and I always have a fake argument over if there is (his choice) going to be tinsel on the tree, or not (my choice) and I always (on purpose) lose.

Tinsel on the tree

And then we're done, and we return the boxes and bags to the loft and the Christmas music runs out and that's it... Unless of course you have new Christmas lights this year for outside of the house and you wait until Daddy and Top Ender pop to Ikea and you quickly put up the new Christmas lights.

Santa is coming to town in a Train!

Top Ender and Big Boy think Santa in his sleigh looks like he's karate chopping!

Including the one out side of Top Ender and Big Boy's window which you can see from Top Ender's Classroom at School!

Looking at Santa from Top Ender's Classroom

I love having the Santa outside of Top Ender and Big Boy's bedroom windows, it's a nice thing to see on the way to and from School, and it brightens up these winter mornings.

Looking at Santa on the walk home from School

So, we might not have as many trees as we have in previous years, but we have more outside lights and I think that's a fair trade off!

How do you decorate (if at all) for Christmas?