The Christmas Frame

I have a photo frame laying about the house that I intend to use this Christmas and I need your help to do so. You see, above our fireplace, we have a lovely picture painted by my Mother In Law and whilst I do love the picture, I'm wanting to put up something different this Advent. Something, that is more Christmasy.

The picture above my fireplace

Something more about our family and what makes us... well us.

So. The frame I have, has five slots, and it has to go horizontally across the wall, because of it's size and shape and where the hook on the wall is but I'm stuck. What should I put in the frame?

The frame I'd like above my fireplace

Big Boy suggested I take pictures of the children from every Christmas and put them up, but I already do that on the book case. Top Ender suggested I put up pictures of the cats, but unless they are wearing Christmas Hats, I don't think that is very Christmasy. Big Boy suggested I put up pictures of the Christmas tree. Top Ender suggested I put up important scenes from Advent, such as the star, a manger etc. Both were good suggestions, but I'm not sure they are quite right... So, I figured I'll ask you friends!

What should I put in the frame?

What says Christmas and my family to you?