Squishable, Huggable And Not Mine :(

This week, a delivery for me arrived. Inside the package was this.

Squishable 15" Giant Round Owl

That's right, a slightly sleeping looking owl. Isn't he adorable? He was sent by a very lovely lady who I think has the best job in the world, as she gets to hug these cuddly giant soft toys all the time. As soon as I got him out of the box, Big Boy pounced. HE'S SO CUTE I WANT TO HUG HIM! And then Big Boy hugged him and wouldn't let go.

My new owl wasn't mine any more.

The owl was immediately named Rolo by Big Boy and has gone with Big Boy EVERYWHERE, including Church!

Top Ender, Big Boy and Rolo on the way to Church

When Rolo was at Church, everyone wanted to give him a hug or a squeeze, or wanted to buy one for themselves because it's true the first thing you do when you see one of the Squishable family is just hug them!

The large 15" Squishable's are priced at £34.99, and they have smaller ones that measure 7" and 3", that cost £17.99 and £6.99 respectively and postage is £4.95 for those of us in the UK, unless you spend over £60 in which case P&P is free.

BB absolutely adores him, uses him as a pillow, a foot rest, something to hug when he's going to sleep and I love it. Even more so, I love that everyone in the family loves Rolo... look who I caught sneaking a hug and dance with him!

Daddy dancing with RoloDaddy noticing I'd seen him dancing with RoloDaddy hugging Rolo

That's right, even Daddy loves Rolo. Maybe he won't mind if I get him to buy me one, I quite like the idea of the Cinnamon Bun to cuddle up to in bed... or maybe the pink owl or the hedgehog or the cupcake or... who am I kidding I would love any of them!