Meals For This Weekend!

There are just two weeks left of our Summer Holiday and I'm intending to make every day count! Saying that I am so ready to be thinking about Christmas, especially with the rain yesterday evening making me think of Autumn and Winter and everything that needs to be snuggly and twinkly!

Snuggly and Twinkly Hot Chocolate!

In other news, I'm only planning meals for the weekend, because I've got a meal block. Hopefully, I'll get some inspiration before I go shopping on Monday!

Saturday - Steak and Jacket Potatoes

Dan Jon isn't too keen on Steak (he doesn't like the texture), so we'll give him something like Sausages but the rest of us are very excited about having Steak with Jacket Potatoes and a bit of salad. Okay so maybe excited for salad is a step too far for Flyfour and Top Ender!

Oh scrap that, Flyfour made chips, so I revolted and had a HUGE salad with the Steak and the children and Flyfour had beans. Heathens.

Sunday - Honey Mustard Chicken with Mash

I love Honey Mustard Chicken, I love it with Mash even more. Flyfour said that I could pick, our meals this weekend, without his input, so I picked my favourite!

I'm going to do a supper of Toasties or get Flyfour to make some Rock Cakes!