Pippa, Are You Ready For September?

A friend asked me this last week;

"Pippa, are you ready for September?"

I honestly didn't know what they meant. There is a lot happening in September, but what was she referring to? My wedding anniversary? We're going away but she knows that and knows I'm ready. My cousins birthday and anniversary party? She knows I have a family thing and am dead excited as I've not seen my cousin for a few years now. Dan Jon starting School? Well, funny I had been thinking about that earlier...

I'm sure you've realised, that was she actually was asking was if I was ready to return to employment out of the home after such a long gap. Funny enough, I'd been thinking about that too. My life and the lives of my family are going to change and quite dramatically too. I poured out a few of my worries to her and she listened, like a good friend would.

a wrinkle free selfie (thanks to a filter!)

Things like how I've been used to setting my own schedule, to being there when the children needed me, to being there when the lower School needed me to go on trips or to read with children or attend meetings. I've got used to being able to help my Mum go to hospital appointments and to take her shopping. I've got used to being able to meet up with my friends for lunch or to go for a walk.

How am I going to fit everything that makes up my life in?

My friend was fabulous. She listened and nodded and then gave examples from situations we've been in where things have been similar or how she thinks it means I would react in the future. She pointed out how she knew I was preparing, how I'd been preparing all summer and these little changes would help grease the wheels for the first few months whilst everything settled down.

We've cleared out all the junk from our home so that things will seem a bit cleaner and run a bit smoother with less effort. We've taken on new chores and responsibilities and are prepared to jiggle these about a bit more as we settle into our new groove. We've scheduled family time on the weekends and certain evenings to ensure we still get the quality time together. We've made plans for hospital visits and if the children are ill and even what my Mum needs to do with regards to her hospital appointments.

There is going to be change and effort needed, but it is changes that we are willing to make and effort we are willing to give. Most importantly, I know that my family and friends have my back. They are rooting for me. They are praying for me. They appreciate that I've taken a risk and they hope as much as I do, that the risk is going to pay off.

Thinking on it, my friend wasn't really asking me if I'm prepared for the changes that are coming my way, they were asking me if I'm ready to start my new adventure...

And I am!