Pringle S'mores

I love Top Ender. I mean of course I do, she's a genius and she has amazing curls and she loves singing and camping and random things that only she seems to understand, then there are the things that she explains to me and ends up making me care about too and then there are times where she says totally crazy things that make me look at her all confused and I realise that she is more like me than either Flyfour or I thought possible and I realise I should support her.

Which is why I ate a Pringle S'more.

So how did it come about?

A Pringle S'more - Salty and Sweet!
When we were camping, we weren't exactly eating healthily. We mainly lived on Cereal Bars, Sandwiches and Chip Shop Chips and then around the campfire each night, S'mores, Pringles and cans of our favourite drinks.

Top Ender was telling us about how once at Guides, they ran out of biscuits or someone had too many pringles and created the first Pringle S'more. The other Guides then, of course, all wanted to try and so they all ate them and discovered that the salt from the Pringles, combined with the sweetness of the marshmallow was AMAZING and an urban legend was born.

Well, we had to try the Pringle S'more, didn't we?

Nobody tell Top Ender, but they were really lush. The perfect combination of Sweet and Salty.

Now, go try them yourself and just remember don't tell Top Ender if you like them!