What We Are Eating W/C 31st August 2019

I actually can't believe what is going to happen this coming week. My new job, the children going back to school, the end of Summer, the end of an era... I'm so excited and ready for this new challenge and chapter in our lives.

The three most important people in my world. Dan Jon, Top Ender and Flyfour

Saturday - Gamon Steaks with Mustard Mash

When we had Gammon the other week, it was so lush that we said we'd have to have it again soon. So I've organised it for tonight. We're going to make Mustard Mash, because that's what I want and I'm in charge of the meal planning!

Sunday - Haddock and Chips

As Flyfour is at home this weekend, I'm making the most of it and getting him to make Gluten-free batter for our Fish. He makes such a great batter, it's light and fluffy and honestly, I can't tell the difference between the gluten-free version and the non-gluten-free version.

I'll have peas with my meal, but Flyfour and the children will have baked beans because as I have said many a time, they are heathens!

Monday - Tuna Pasta Salad

This is one of my favourite meals because it takes minutes to make. You just boil up some pasta, smack in some tuna, chopped peppers, some gently softened fried onion (if you have it) and whatever other vegetables you have hanging about in the fridge or freezer and bam you have your evening meal made!

Tuesday - Pizza

We're back to Youth tonight, I'm not sure what the Young Men Leaders have planned, but I know it's going to be fun. We decided to have Pizza because who doesn't love Pizza, it's fairly quick to cook and the leftovers make a great packed lunch!

Wednesday - Gluten-Free Sausage Pie and Mash

It's the first day of school for Dan Jon and Top Ender. Year 11 for Tops and 7 for Dan Jon, which means that he's no longer a baby but in Senior School and I don't want to think about it! I decided that we'd have a meal to celebrate and I picked the children's favourite meal of Sausage Pie with Mash.

Thursday - Baked Salmon with Parmentier Potatoes

We love Salmon, so I thought we'd have some tonight along with Parmentier Potatoes and some veg. I have no idea what veg yet though, I'll see what is on offer at the Supermarket and decide from there!

Friday - Baked Chicken with Salad and Rice

I thought long and hard about what to make, or if I should get the children to make something together instead. In the end, I decided that this week we would all cook together when I got in from work and so decided on a meal that has three parts so that each of us would be able to be responsible for one part each. I decided on Baked Chicken with Salad and Rice, because it's all so easy!

So that's what we're planning on eating this week. How about you?