What We Are Eating W/C 19th August 2019

I'm in a much better mood now and can more easily work out what it is that we are eating this week for our evening meals! Plus Flyfour has confirmed, what days he is going to be home late, what days he's not coming back home and more importantly (for me anyway) what he would like to eat too!

The A Mother's Ramblings Family hanging out in Amsterdam

Monday - Quiche and Salad

Top Ender and I are off to the Theatre to see Mousetrap, we are very excited to see if the plastic trap will land on top of the mouse or the other player or however it is that it will be performed live... Okay, I know really that it isn't the game, but it's fun winding up Top Ender that I don't know!

Anyway, we're having a simple tea of Quiche and Salad.

Tuesday - Chicken and Salad

We want to check Dan Jon's basal rates overnight again, and so we're having Chicken and Salad tonight because the salad is very low carb and of course the chicken is protein, so carb free!

Wednesday - Afternoon Tea

Today we're having a bit of fun, we have breakfast at Ikea planned (well as long as my two are up in time to go!), I have a sneaky picnic lunched planned that the children don't know about and so I thought an afternoon tea would be fun. We're having little sandwiches, scones and some little cakes. We'll also have some fruit because we aren't savages and either Hot Chocolate or Fruit Tea.

Thursday - Something with Gluten in!

Flyfour is away again this evening, so the family and I are having something we don't get to have very often. We just don't know what yet!

The one thing I know, is it won't be Sausage Pie like last week, because whilst we loved it, it isn't something we should be eating every week.

Friday - Sticky Sausages with Apples and Mash

We all love the sticky sausages with apple combination, but for some reason, we haven't had it for a while. Normally it is Flyfour who makes, it but I thought I'd make it for us this evening for when Flyfour gets home from work and before he and Top Ender possibly disappear for the weekend!