What We Are Eating W/C 24th August 2019

Top Ender and Flyfour are off on their annual camping trip this weekend, leaving Dan Jon and I to fend for ourselves and enjoy our time having a holiday at home! We might decide to order in every meal (or go find a robot to deliver some food to us) or seeing as how Dan Jon and I quite like a Salad we might be healthy and have a weekend of Salads!

Sandwich and Salad

Saturday - Chinese

Dan Jon is off out to hang out with friends this afternoon and when he gets home I'm going to order in Chinese for us to share... Flyfour did say I could have one whenever I wanted!

Sunday - BBQ or Roast!

I gave Dan Jon the two options and he couldn't decide and neither could I. So I decided to get both Chicken and Sausages in, and we'd decide what we'd have when we got back from Church.

Monday - McDonald's

I promised Dan Jon a day where he could eat McDonald's for every meal. He picked today as that day and has said I can eat McDonald's with him. I might join him, but then again I might not!

Tuesday - Salmon and Salad

I figured after a weekend where Flyfour and Top Ender weren't eating particularly healthy and after yesterday Dan Jon and I most definitely weren't we'd need something healthy! Some Salmon and Salad will fit the bill nicely and it's something we all like.

Wednesday - Beef Burgers with Trimmings

I wanted to do something special, so thought I would make some burgers and provide lots of toppings for everyone to make custom Burgers. I'll have Bacon, Mushrooms, Cheese, Onion, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions Rings, Pineapple... you name it and we'll have it!

I'll provide a Salad and some homemade fries as sides, and hopefully some Mozarella sticks, coleslaw and my favourite Potato Salad.

Thursday - Sandwiches

We might be off out today, so if that is the case we'll be eating sandwiches for our supper. If we aren't off out today then we'll still be eating sandwiches because they are super easy to make and probably all I'll feel up to making!

Friday - Chips or something!

If we are out on Thursday, we will be out on Friday too so our evening meal will be something easy and quick to make when we finally do get home or some chips whilst we are out and about. Whatever it will be that we eat, we don't mind because we'll be together and having some fun!

So that's what we're having this week, how about you?