Young Women's Camp

Last week I was on Young Women's Camp with the Young Women from my ward and all the Young Women and their leaders from my Stake. It was an amazing week, full of Spiritual moments, fun and laughter, food (oh so much food) and tents. Yeah, tents. We all know how I feel about Tents, but you know what? This camp was different and I'm pretty sure that this was because of who we were sharing the camping experience with, not that my family aren't great to camp with, but getting to hang out with so many beautiful young women who are so confident in who they are? That was pretty awesome!

Tents at Camp, before the decorations went up!

Now, I'm sure you know that I'm one of those really annoying early morning people... especially when I've had some sugar in me and I ensured I did! I would attempt to get the girls up and awake before the Stake Leaders came round banging pots and pans together as a bit of camp fun to get everyone fully awake, but boy was I not ready for the reactions to me being so jolly and awake and them moaning about needing more sleep, needing the bathroom, needing to brush their hair, needing to do their makeup and of course needing to get dressed before even showing their face at the devotional and group Scripture Study sessions.

It was hilarious as was sitting outside their tents trying to get them to quieten down and go to sleep (so I could wake them up again the next morning) and I do hope I get to go on camp again so that I can do it all over again!

We had devotionals each morning and another each evening too. They were brilliant, and I'm so grateful to the people who took time out to prepare them. The morning group scripture study sessions were also good and it was great seeing how the girls developed in confidence during the week, by providing answers and happily finding the scriptures from the references given by the YCL's (Youth Camp Leader's) and even being brave enough to ask their own questions by the end of the week.

The fun and laughter were non-stop.

From water fights where certain leaders checked I was prepared to get wet (despite standing in the no thank you to getting wet area) before drenching me with water balloons, to sing-alongs where over a hundred voices sang Disney songs or a select few rocked out to Bohemian Rhapsody, to hikes where conversations were had about everything and anything and trips to the lake, where I didn't almost break my ankle but where I did swallow some pondweed and I totally didn't enjoy splashing the young women more than anything I've ever done in the past 40 years.

Young Women's Camp was an amazing place to be and I was so glad to be part of it.