The Anti-Snore Pillow!

I snore.

I'll admit it, I'm not ashamed although I am a little worried because as far as I can tell it means that my breathing whilst I am sleeping is being obstructed and is an even bigger sign than all the other ones that I should really be working much harder on losing weight.

PippaD looking happy and overweight

Flyfour, on the other hand, doesn't find my snoring worrying, he finds it very annoying. You see, I can fall asleep very quickly, sort of head hit the pillow and I'm already in deep sleep and it's at this point that I start snoring. Flyfour who alleges that he doesn't fall asleep at the drop of a hat then finds it's harder for him to fall asleep because of my snoring.

He tried a lot of things to try and stop my snoring from bothering him. He tried earplugs. He tried going to bed after me, and after the snoring ended. He tried going to bed before me and being asleep before the snoring started.

I tried multiple things too. Nasal strips, sleeping in a different position, raising the head of my side of the bed, trying to stay awake until after Flyfour was asleep, not getting annoyed with Flyfour when he kicked me... okay so I did get annoyed at that especially one night when I was awake and he kept kicking me claiming I was snoring, but I was AWAKE! I wasn't snoring!

Nothing worked, so despite some very unpromising reviews, I ended up buying an anti-snore pillow.

Silentnight Anti-Snore Pillow

The first night? I didn't wake up to Flyfour kicking me and he claimed that he had heard me snoring, but that it wasn't as loud as previous nights. The second night? Same story. The third night? Well, I've realised that I'm feeling like I'm getting a better night sleep, and there aren't as many bruises on my shin! So it looks like the pillow might be a success... Maybe we'll give it a month and give Flyfour one too.