Two Trips To The Beach And Free Chips!

Whilst the family and I were away in Dorset, we decided to visit the beach and so headed down to Lyme Regis. We spent ages sitting on the beach that first night, paddling and just walking around enjoying being on the beach. We chatted, splashed each other, looked at the Seagulls and wrote lots of weird things on the beach, remembering the punctuation (Dan Jon's old Primary teacher if you are reading, you'll be pleased to know he was the one who was checking out punctuation!) and finding a few shells too.

Dan Jon using punctuation on the beach

After an hour or so, we started getting a little hungry and so decided to hunt out somewhere that sold gluten-free Fish and Chips so that we could have a chippie tea sitting looking out at the Sea and enjoying more time together before having an Ice-cream and heading back to our campsite.

Out came Google and we searched and searched and found one local Chippie that sold Gluten Free Fish and Chips and was only a few meters from where we were sitting! We headed up to the restaurant and found that it wasn't quite open yet, so Flyfour popped across to ask the lady in the store if it would be opening soon... which is when the lady told us she was having to close the store early as she wasn't feeling great and wanted to go home to rest, but we could have some free chips if we'd like!

We, of course, said YES and were given a HUGE box of chips. A minute later and the lady was shouting "FREE CHIPS" so Top Ender was a little cheeky and we managed to get a second box and so we split the two boxes between us.

Gluten Free Chips from Lyme Regis

We did head back to the beach the next day, and whilst it was pouring with rain back home (I was receiving texts from some friends) we were enjoying so much sun that we were slathering on suncream!

Top Ender on the beach, being buried!

I was able to read, whilst the rest of the family built a little Sandcastle fortress town and together we chatted and played and watched the Seagulls again.

It was a brilliant couple of trips, but I think that we'll always remember the free chips!