Buffalo Wings And A Blue Cheese Dip

Flyfour has had a few meals in restaurants attached to Hotels in the last month or so, because he has been working away from home and it's about the only perk of being away from the children and I and of course our very comfortable bed!

Flyfour is celiac, which means that he can not eat gluten or wheat without triggering an immune response in his body, which causes inflammation and damage to the small intestine and this causes him a lot of pain, discomfort and doesn't smell too good either. Luckily, one of the restaurants he was eating at, had a good menu with each of the dishes that was gluten-free being marked and allowed Flyfour to pick something he knew he could eat.

a bad photo of the menu

Excuse the bad photo, but Flyfour took it just to show me, it wasn't for a blog post!

Flyfour had Buffalo Wings with the Blue Cheese Dip and was so taken with him, that he didn't stop going on for days about the wings and the dip. Seriously, I was getting sick of them and I didn't even eat them.

Then, I worked out what I needed to do.

I needed to make Buffalo wings at home for the family, and a Blue Cheese Dip, so that we could all eat the delicious food and then we could all be happy and maybe Flyfour would stop going on about the Buffalo wings and dip.

So I did.

Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese Dip

And it was DELICIOUS, despite being Blue Cheese and the wings being really spicy.

I guess I'm a grown-up now because I make my own blue cheese dip and eat it and love it and only proper grown-ups do that!