What We Are Eating W/C 7th September 2019

Writing the meal plan for this week was like pulling teeth! It was hard, it was painful and at the end of it, I didn't want to eat anything, do anything or even get up off the sofa. However, after a lot of consultation with the family, a few eye-rolls from me and not helpful suggestions from a google search I finally decided upon what we'd be eating.

September is a super busy month for us as a family, so I wanted some meals that we all love, that are relatively easy to make, will fill us up and as always aren't going to break the bank with their cost. I think I picked well, especially as for four of the seven nights, it's just the children and I!

PippaD, Dan Jon and Top Ender

Saturday - Burgers with Seasoned Wedges

Flyfour wanted these, and so I agreed because I'd worked out the rest of the week and he cooks on the weekends, so it's only fair he cooks something he wants. The only thing I haven't told him is that I want mushrooms on my burger so I might get one of those eye-rolls I gave back1

Sunday - Pork Chops with Apple Sauce and Cheese

There is a small convention going on at our Church building this weekend, meaning that Church is the afternoon this week and so we're going to have lunch before going to Church. We wanted something that would be filling, but wouldn't have us wanting a snooze... I think this will work!

Monday - Creamy Veg Pasta

I love this because it is so easy, some cream cheese, some frozen vegetables (cooked!) and some pasta, mixed together and topped with an extra bit of grated cheese and served and everyone is happy! Well, Top Ender, Dan Jon and I are happy anyway and Flyfour will be eating when he gets in later, so he'll have something else!

Tuesday - Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Dan Jon and I are off to the Theatre tonight (to see Avenue Q), so we'll want something light to later be topped up with our sweets and Ice-cream at the Theatre. Top Ender is off out to a Dessert bar, so also wants something light and Flyfour again will be late, so he'll sort himself out!

Wednesday - Pizza

Yay Pizza! We have some work being done in our garden today, so I'm having a quick meal that we can have once the chaps have left and one that we will all be happy with.

Thursday - Fish Pie

Flyfour isn't here tonight, he's staying in a hotel (as he is most Thursday nights) and so I thought Fish Pie for the children and I would be lovely because he's the one that doesn't like it and us three all love it and the extra portion that will be leftover, will make a great late-night snack for me!

Friday - Cowboy Casserole over Jacket Potatoes

I'll set these both going in the slow cookers before I go to work on Friday morning, and by the time we get home they will be ready to serve and the house will smell amazing too. Flyfour is going to be late home (he does still live here!) and up super early tomorrow, so it's just the children and I eating so I won't make it "posh" but will just serve it with chunks of bread to mop up our plates.